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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn how multifamily properties rakes in cash flows for you without having to worry over vacancies 
  • Find out how syndication mortgage gives you passive income and a return that pays handsomely 
  • Find out how she was able to quit her full-time job after only two years and still progressively going forward to this day  


Nicole Edmonds began investing in real estate in 2012 after graduating from The University of Western Ontario’s Biology Program. She has invested in both passive and active real estate strategies, including land development projects, syndicated mortgages, student rentals, apartment buildings, and renovation projects, often taking on joint venture partners. She was able to quit her full-time job 3 years ago and now chooses to spend her time traveling, hiking, and working on her bus conversion. 

In this episode, Nicole shares how she started in real estate focusing on student rentals and then moving up to multifamily properties, which she prefers best; it generates cash flows for her every time. Not only that, she keeps herself diversified as she ventured into syndicated mortgages, land development, and even bus conversion. All these make her an active and passive investor at the same time, all giving her a good return on investment. 

Topics Covered: 

01:17 – What investing strategies she’s focusing on at the moment 

02:12 – How she jumped off to real estate after graduating with a Biology major 

03:48 – How and why she started buying turnkey rental properties 

04:38 – Buying an already up and running property with no renovations needed 

05:15 – What her positive cash flow was after expenses from those rental properties 

05:47 – Transitioning from student rentals to multi-family properties 

06:59 – Why she sold her student rental properties and focused on  

08:59 – How it looked like when she just started in real estate 

09:42 – Taking on both sides of being an active and passive investor 

11:15 – How long did she quit her full-time job after getting into real estate 

11:45 – What is a syndicated mortgage? 

12:33 – How to make use of your money which is just sitting there 

13:27 – Also doing private mortgage aside from syndicated ones 

14:32 – Going the speculative strategy with her investments in the US 

16:42 – With the experience she has now, what’s one thing she wouldn’t have done 

18:33 – How the shuttle bus conversion has taken up her time these days   

Key Takeaways: 

“With multifamily properties, I started to see and I was learning and understanding that if you have a vacancy, say in your triplex, you probably only have one unit that’s gone vacant, and you’re still collecting income from two other units. So, the risk is different. It’s better when it comes to multifamily.” – Nicole Edmonds 

“Even the cash flow formulas just kind of work better when you move toward multifamily properties.” – Nicole Edmonds 

“When I was starting, I would describe myself as a very conservative investor because I needed to make sure that these properties were paying for themselves. The income I was making for my job and the cash I had on was not enough to sustain these properties if I had a prolonged vacancy, or if I ran my numbers wrong, or if the repairs and maintenance were higher than I had anticipated. I needed to focus on high cash flow that these properties could completely sustain themselves without me having to put money into it.” – Nicole Edmonds 

“I’ve done syndicated mortgages, they’re usually short-term lending opportunities, like one to two years, and the ones that I’ve done has paid between 14 and 19% per year.” – Nicole Edmonds 

If you’ve got some fund sitting there and want to have your money working all the time, you don’t want it sitting in your bank account. Invest it out, you make 15%, maybe while you’re working on another renovation project or something, and then keep your money working for you.” – Nicole Edmonds 

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