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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn the need to find your own lead other than just relying on realtors and the multiple listing service (MLS)
  • Discover how to find motivated sellers on Facebook
  • Know effective real estate sales strategies to close deals faster



Paul Duncan and his Mom n’ Pop Marketing Team are passionate about helping real estate investors learn and leverage modern digital marketing strategies specifically to generate 20+ new motivated sellers, tenant-buyer, investors or coaching clients per month.

With over 10 years as a professional real estate investor, Paul brings his experience and knowledge to the marketing side of real estate investing which has in effect created a rare mix of digital marketing expertise in the real estate investment world.

Topics Covered:

02:04 – His transition from an automotive mechanic to a real estate investor

04:23 – The reason why he gravitated towards real estate 

05:31 – Why the need to find your own leads 

07:54 – How valuable  are FB ads and google ads in getting leads 

09:13 – What the whole process looks like when getting leads through FB ads 

14:20 – How much necessary is a follow-up 

15:19 – Making the most of the motivated seller script 

Key Takeaways: 

The biggest thing behind finding your own leads  is because I started like that where I just bought properties off the MLS and I am learning my lessons through this economy. You really see why that’s valuable. You don’t see the value until five or 10 years later when you go through an economic cycle and you understand why you need to make money when you buy and you make money when you buy by finding a really good deal where there’s a gap between the appraised value and what you’re purchasing it for.” – Paul Duncan 

“Facebook ads, it’s got that algorithm that learns. And so we can learn who’s becoming a lead, who’s becoming a motivated seller. And it can go search out more people like that. So it gets better and better. It gets consistent over time. And then it just becomes this machine that when you put $1 in, it eventually spits out $2 and you just keep putting it like a broken vending machine, that’s why it can be really valuable.” – Paul Duncan 

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