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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out how to grow your portfolio through multifamily investing
  • Know how you can make that jump with raising capital from just a hundred thousand all the way up to millions, without going into debt
  • Learn the advantages of multi-family properties over other real estate strategies



Pierre-Paul Turgeon is one of Canada’s leading multifamily investing authorities and a former CMHC multifamily underwriter. He is also a successful multifamily investor with a portfolio of 160 doors worth over $22M while at the same time being a national coach, speaker and trainer in this subject.

In this episode, Pierre-Paul shares value-packed info about investing in multi-family properties, how to go about earning more and lowering operational expenses, picking the right size properties that will give you maximum income and why multi-family investing provides you with a quick wealth multiplier effect.

Topics Covered:

01:07 How he got involved in real estate

04:51 What are the advantages of multi-family properties over other strategies

10:17 Which property size would give you the most income

11:56 Is it possible to scale up without going through the baby steps

14:57 How does he see people just starting out raise capital of million amount without getting into debt

Key Takeaways:

“So the bigger, the better. This being said, beggars can’t be choosers. There’s always an opportunity cost. Even a small 10 sweeter will make you money. Just sit on it long enough and you’re in a reasonable market. You’ll pay your principal down and the property will appreciate, then you’ll get a bit of  cash flow and you’ll always make money. But the more units within the building, the more money you make. There’s no doubt about it.” – Pierre-Paul Turgeon

“Apartment buildings are a lot less labor-intensive because when you crunch the numbers, you got two operating expense items, one for a professional property manager and one for the onsite manager. So they’re the parties that handled the hassle of being a landlord. All right, so more, more time to myself.” – Pierre-Paul Turgeon

“To me, real estate investing is like a recipe and you can have a fairly predictable outcome as long as you really do your homework and do your assessment and evaluation of the asset of the market and all that.” – Pierre-Paul Turgeon

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