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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out about the kind of investment strategy that rakes in cash flows for you, gives you capital gain, and requires no maintenance and repairs on the investor’s part 
  • Discover about the homebuyer-centric investment model that is a win-win for both buyers and investors 
  • Learn about real estate strategies to implement to have win-win solutions for clients on distress as well as for investors 


Rachel Oliver is an international best-selling author, successful real estate investor, ambitious entrepreneur, and a dynamic speaker. She is the co-founder and managing partner of Clover Properties, a company established out of her passion for enabling families to achieve their homeownership goals and live a better life.

In this episode, learn about how Rachel helps generate above-average cashflows for investors without having the headache of a landlord.

Topics Covered: 

01:30 – The trigger that got her into real estate 

03:36 –  How the thought of doing one investment strategy the way she wants it done prompted her to get her feet fully wet in real estate 

06:03 – Working out on her investment model that was homebuyer-centric 

07:21 – Rachel walking through the homebuyer-centric real estate investment model she develops 

13:07 – How do you profit from a rent-to-own deals  

15:52 – The pitfalls of rent-to-own strategy 

19:05 – What does their rental deal look like on any given day 

Key Takeaways: 

“The babysitting is exactly what we’re doing, I mean, we’ve systemized it and it has a bit of professional polish to it now that I think about it over the years, but it’s true that we’re babysitting them. But these people need it. This is, I think, the absence of the rent-to-own strategy that you don’t go into this and, kind of, I think, is a fallacy about it that it’s a set it and forget it. Because everybody’s looking for a passive solution with real estate, but that’s not the case. Rent-to-own is really designed to help a home buyer overcome a certain challenge or a certain habitual behavior.” – Rachel Oliver

“As the investor, what you’re essentially benefiting from rent-to-own, I guess is a very equitable solution to try to help home buyers build up a bigger down payment because the more of a monthly down payment credit they give me, the higher my cashflow is over the course of the rent-to-own and the higher their down payment accumulation is. So, it’s really win-win.” – Rachel Oliver 

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