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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • The three main appeals of rent-to-own properties from beginning, during the deal and at closing
  • Discover about the success habits that will surely help you to build your real estate empire
  • Understanding the “born-to-be-a servant” leadership style



Ross Lightle is an Educator – Personal Coach – Mentor – Trainer – Entrepreneur – Thought Leader – Dynamic Public Speaker and Communicator. He started investing in real estate way back in 1977, and he’s coached and trained thousands of people across Canada and the United States.

Join Ross as he explains which kind of rental properties give him exceptional cash flow from the start all throughout the duration of the deal.

Topics Covered:

01:42 – Being in real estate for the longest time

02:31 – His main real estate strategy

04:05 – How rental property strategy work in declining and flat markets

06:23 – What would he have done earlier in his real estate career

11:44 – What special ability does he have in real estate that sets him apart from others

12:23 – His success habit that’s worth emulating for 

14:29 – Positive outcomes that came out of those success habits

Key Takeaways:

“I would learn to say no more. I wouldn’t chase a squirrel because saying yes is really easy, saying no is hard. It’s only by saying no to a lot of the things that I can focus on the things that really matter, the things that will make me world class and because I can be world class and everything.” – Ross Lightle

“My deal is, be the servant you were born to be. I’ll always make time. If I’m in a meeting or I’m coaching right then or doing something, I will always call back.” – Ross Lightle 

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