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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out more how a millennial with no portfolio, no track record, and no starting capital would be highly successful in real estate investing.
  • Learn the practical and effective techniques she used and start growing your 7-figure portfolio.
  • Know the best social media platform to use to attract investors and raise capital.



Sarah Eder is the owner and CEO of Sarah Eder Investments; a firm focused on flips, multi-family properties, and lately larger-scale developments and commercial conversions. Relatively new to the real estate game, Sarah left her role as an international professional athlete only three years ago to dive into real estate and has managed to raise well over 7-figures of capital in that short time. She specializes in joint venture partnerships and has funded an entire portfolio using none of her own money; and is now a full-time investor, coach, and mentor.

This episode illustrates how the new generation of millennials changes and impacts old ways, even in real estate investing. Let Sarah tell us how she used social media to attract investors and raise capital. Definitely, it’s not all about posting a picture of yourself and your property.

Topics Covered:

00:31 – Sarah shares her sport as a professional athlete before venturing into real estate investing 

01:39 – What made her decide to go into real estate investing

03:16 – Narrating how she started property management for student rentals

05:41 – Sarah tells how she used social media to attract investors and raise capital without getting into trouble with the trade commissions

08:17 – The best social media platform to start with

09:55 – Other social media platform that Sarah suggests to use

10:57 – How often to post contents on Facebook

11:34 – How to turn a stranger to be a partner investor

15:14 – Sarah offers coaching and training to intermediate-level investors

15:57 – Ways to connect and contact Sarah

16:47 – Biggest mistakes that Sarah sees to people trying to raise capital using social media

Key Takeaways:

“Frequency on social media matters a lot. Sometimes it’s not always what you’re saying, but even to get Facebook’s algorithms working properly so that enough people can see your content. They want to see that you’re posting, I say at least five days a week. So even if you can get into like a Monday to Friday posting schedule, you’ll start to boost and get Facebook working for you.” – Sarah Eder

“I would say that the biggest mistake I see people doing is not getting clear on what they’re posting. Some people think that they can show up every day and post a picture of themselves or property. And that’s going to be enough for people to reach out to them and be interested. But you have to have a bit of a purpose to what you’re posting. You have to think through the eyes of the investor.  What would they want to see from me in order for them to say, this is the person I want to work with?” – Sarah Eder

“I generally suggest spending time, in the beginning, developing a really powerful like brand and self-identity, so you know where you’re going with your social media strategy.” – Sarah Eder

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