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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • How you can leverage and earn big margins from distressed properties
  • Strategies that maximize profit margins from distressed notes
  • Which jurisdictions and bank departments to get listings of distressed properties and how to go about it




Scott Carson is known across the country as the “Note Guy”. He has been a full-time real estate investor for over 15 years now with his sole focus being on buying distressed notes and mortgages. Learn how to do it and find out where to buy those notes and leverage from it to earn and maximize your return.

Topics Covered:

01:28 – What sparked his interest in real estate

04:16 –  What is distressed notes and mortgages

05:37 –  How does buying distressed notes work to one’s advantage

08:47 – Why would the bank not initiate selling the property instead of selling it to investors as distressed notes

09:58 – Who owns the big chunk of money being loaned to the client by the bank

12:34 – Where does he buy most of the notes, which states

13:05 – Which departments in a bank you can find a listing of distressed notes

Key Takeaways:

“So the beautiful thing is that we as note buyers will deal directly with banks and asset managers and mortgage companies that are originating stuff. And if a borrower starts falling behind on their mortgage or they’re upside down, the bank will often sell that debt so that receivable as substantial discount off of what’s owed or off the value of the property.That’s how we make our money.” – Scott Carson

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