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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn the concept of rent-to-own
  • Know the approach and systems that Scott uses for finding clients
  • Discover how he finds great deals with expired listings


Scott Ulmer has over 23-years of experience specializing in rent-to-own deals and has done 2,000 of them. He has put his business in a box and now works with affiliates in markets across North America.

Today on the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Scott shares his knowledge and expertise in rent-to-own transactions and his different style in approaching and getting clients. Get loads of information as he reveals his no-frills system and top industry secrets and ideas that you don’t want to miss.

Topics Covered:

01:17 – Scott recalls how his journey started in real estate investing – from reading a book to getting deals while in college

03:00 – Explaining what rental means in real estate investment in a 30,000 feet perspective

04:56 – Learning what rent to own is for the first time from Ron Legrand

05:53 – The approach that Scott did differently from other rent to own operators

09:46 – How he finds properties for his clients

13:44 – Sharing how he deals with expired listings and different ways where he got his leads

17:03 – What he discovered in smaller markets when compared to bigger markets

19:08 – Connect with Scott via their two websites 

19:54 – Backstory on how they came up with the name Little Pink Houses of America

Key Takeaways:

“When people understand what’s expected of them, they have the roadmap in front of them, and they know that the end game is to become a successful homeowner and they have skin in the game, which is big and important for us.” – Scott Ulmer

“You always have to have consistent leads.” – Scott Ulmer

“One of the things that Ron LeGrand taught me is when you’re dealing with expired listings, it’s important to catch them at the right time. So, the problem with expired listings is people wait until they’re expired, then they get a list, and then they mail them something.” – Scott Ulmer

“We find the smaller markets are, in many cases, much more lucrative than the big markets.” – Scott Ulmer

“There are buyers everywhere. The key is marketing.” – Scott Ulmer

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