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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn Scott’s journey from shifting from his corporate IT career to finding his passion in real estate investing
  • Know the similarities and differences that he learned working in start-up companies compared with real estate investing
  • What is Scott’s “Doubling Down with Duplexes” strategy, and how it works



Scott Zandbergen is an active real estate investor, based in Georgetown, Ontario. He’s built his portfolio over the past six years using his equity, and working with joint venture partners, all while juggling a busy career in the technology sector. His investing focus and strategy are converting single-family homes into cash-flowing duplexes.

Today on Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Scott reveals what made him change paths from his corporate life into creating wealth and finding freedom through real estate. Also, find out how his proven strategy for raising property value in a short time, which has helped him generate significant short-term income and long-term net worth.

Topics Covered:

00:59 – From working as a corporate job for more than two decades, Scott will reveal how he shifted and started real estate investing

04:45 – His journey in real estate investing – from the awakening of his entrepreneurial spirit while working in start-ups to buying his first three houses in three months

07:23 – The similarities and differences in start-ups vs. real estate investing

08:31 – How the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and doing start-ups helped him instill the learning process

09:16 – How Scott started with doubling down with duplexes strategy and how it works

13:04 – How he works with a general contractor in managing his projects

15:11 – Financing his deals

16:32 – What he would’ve done differently 20 years ago 

18:33 – How and where to connect with Scott

Key Takeaways:

“One thing I learned being in a startup is there’s less clarity around roles.” – Scott Zandbergen

“ In the real estate world, there is a lot of testing and learning. I’m always using a learning mindset to try different approaches, different strategies, or ways that write ads to attract tenants to my properties.  I’m always tweaking, and I’m always trying different process tweaks, different ways to screen my funnel when people are coming in. I learned that in a startup for sure.” – Scott Zandbergen

“I’m not worried too much about having to compete with fellow investors because, as I keep finding, there’s a real lack of good quality rental units in that market. So, I think as long as we’re delivering the right product, we are always finding good tenants that want to pay the prices that we’re asking.” – Scott Zandbergen

“You have to have a strong level of trust with who you’re working with. And because I’ve done several now where they’ve been home runs, I feel a lot more confident that going forward, I don’t stress over it maybe as much as I did the first few that I did.” – Scott Zandbergen

“And so my advice to people, like I mentor some people informally and younger folks on this now, and I always say, just do it.  Take that first step because I promise you, the world will not set on fire if you try this. It’s not super easy, but it’s not rocket science either.” – Scott Zandbergen

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