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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Know the challenges that Steve faced in running their business and what he did
    to solve them.
  • Discover why Steve says it is absolutely vital to have clear goals.
  • What are the two things you need to do to find out what your real goals are?



Steve Rozenberg is an airline pilot, author, and investor. He created and built a property management company and merged it with Mynd Property Management in 2019. He currently holds the position of Vice President Investor Education, which is focused on educating investors on goal-setting and strategies.

Years ago, Steve thought he was ‘set’ and had the safest and most secure job as an airline pilot. And then, the 911 tragedy happened, which shocked the world and affected many lives. Steve was not an exception and he lost his job.

That’s when he realized he needed to be in charge of his destiny and right there he promised himself that he wouldn’t let anything to control his finances and future. That’s when Steve shifted to real estate investing and did everything to learn the industry. But it was not an easy feat, and he made mistakes and lost money along the way. Now he is an accomplished real estate investor, owning dozens of real properties, apartment complexes, and has also flipped and wholesaled hundreds of properties in Texas.

Get to know Steve and learn from his experiences, and profit from some golden nuggets of wisdom in today’s episode.

Topics Covered:

01:17 – Steve narrates how the 911 tragedy ended his job as an airline pilot 

03:19 – Turning to real estate investing after realizing that he needs to be in control of his finances and future

03:52 – How he studied and started in real estate

04:49 – What type of real estate he is currently focusing on

05:27 – The challenges that he and his business partners faced running their business

07:01 – Hiring a business coach and the significant benefits it brought their company

07:58 – Lessons learned from his mistakes

08:40 – Steve talks about how important is setting goals and the realities in real estate investing

12:01 – Two things to do to find out what your “why” is

15:34 – Aligning your goals with your spouse

17:58 – How to connect with Steve

Key Takeaways:

“I love flying. I would never give it up. I still fly for an airline, and I love it.  But I also realize that I cannot let someone else or something else be in charge of my destiny, and not be in control of my own future and my finances just because I’m employed by someone.  It doesn’t mean that they’re responsible for taking care of me, which is a different way of thinking, then I grew up.” Steve Rozenberg

 “I’ve been very, very fortunate.  And I believe that the biggest reason is because I’ve learned that this is a business. And I’ve learned the hard way by getting taken advantage of, lost a lot of money, all those things. But I don’t think if I had not done that and learned those valuable lessons, I don’t think I would be here today.” Steve Rozenberg

“I think it’s more important to ask yourself the “why” and nobody really takes the time to ask themselves.”Steve Rozenberg

“The great thing about real estate is there are no rules. You can flip, you can wholesale syndicate, you can, you could do whatever you want. That’s a great thing. The bad thing is there are no rules. You can flip, you can wholesale, you can do whatever you want. There are too many choices.”Steve Rozenberg

“The challenges when they get into real estate, is they’re waiting for someone to give them that advice. They’re waiting for that one word or phrase of advice. And I tell people that don’t exist. You being successful is made up of a lot of good decisions, not one great decision. So, there’s not one great thing that you’re going to do today that’s going to get you across the goal line. It’s a matter of doing things good consistently, and it’s not perfection.  It’s persistence.”Steve Rozenberg

“People get so focused to shoot holes in theories. Everybody has their moon.  Everybody has their end destination. But you’ve got to make sure that you can clearly identify it.”Steve Rozenberg

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