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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Discover how a real estate investment company’s business philosophy can allow them to not just earn money, but also fulfill their social responsibility 
  • Find out which investment strategy Stuart and his partner focus on to bring in steady cashflow in a short period of time 
  • Learn about which investment strategy military men and busy professionals can use to earn passive income every single month


Stuart Grazier is an active duty Navy pilot who has served 18 years in the US military. Starting in June of 2018, his company Storehouse 3:10 Ventures has acquired and sold approximately 50 turnkey rental properties, averaging 2-4 properties per month, where they are providing rehabbed, cash flowing rental properties to their network of military/veteran and patriot investors. 

In this episode, Stu shares the purpose for which their company came to be aside from replacing their military income when retirement comes. He also talks about investment opportunities military men and busy professionals can invest in to earn passive income without them directly managing properties. How he teaches investors which model to follow depending on their goals. 

Topics Covered: 

01:19 – How he got started in real estate 

02:13 – The story behind their company called Storehouse 310 Ventures 

03:32 – Their primary real estate focus and their target market 

05:05 – What market do they buy their properties from and the primary reason they chose that market 

07:34 – What roles do Stu and his partner play in the company, and how do they run their business from a distance 

09:26 – Where and how do they find deals 

11:24 – Why turnkey property investment is good for people in the military and busy professionals 

13:35 – Which type of investments do most military men are interested in 

15:20 – How one’s goal during retirement determines which turnkey strategy to invest in 

16:13 – What his single-family type transactions look like 

Key Takeaways: 

We pick Wisconsin for our properties because it’s a great cash-flowing market. The Midwest has great cash flow markets in general. It’s very affordable to live, so the price to rental index, makes for that great cash flowing rental properties.” – Stuart Grazier 

“In finding properties, we’ve created some great relationships with wholesalers, we’re pretty much on every single buyer’s list. We’re in all the Facebook groups and the local Ria meeting groups and stuff like that.” – Stuart Grazier 

“We don’t do a whole lot of direct mail marketing or direct to seller type marketing yet, we really haven’t needed to because we’ve just gotten on everyone’s buyers’ list and we’ve gotten a great deal flow that way.” – Stuart Grazier 

“Most of our investors are very early investors, it’s their first time that they’re going to buy a rental property, we’re trying to teach the model of long term buy and hold assets, where over the long run is going to provide solid cash on cash return and bringing that positive cash flow every single month.” – Stuart Grazier 

“What we’re teaching is, you buy one house, its cash flows, you buy two houses, that’s cash flows, and you can kind of turn this into a little mini-empire if you will, and you’re holding these properties, your tenants are paying off your mortgage for you.” – Stuart Grazier 

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