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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn how to add more value to single-family homes to increase your cash flow returns
  • Find out helpful tips to get off-market deals every time
  • Find out how to raise capital in every manner possible


Susan White Livermore is a mom, real estate investor, JV partner, coach, and speaker. Her primary focus is legal suite conversions BRRR’s and the mindset necessary to succeed in real estate investing.

In this episode, Susan shares why she chose the BRRRR strategy to do a single-family home over many other options. As a mom of three children, she opted to find properties within her hometown, and the BRRRR strategy allows her to do just that. She shares the difference income-wise, by doing single-family homes turned into duplexes over single-family home rentals. And she’s got tips for her continuous deal flows and investment partners.

Topics Covered:

01:19 – Why the BRRRR strategy among all other options

02:18 – Price point of the properties she’s buying

03:18 – How does cash flow look like for a single-family home rental versus the duplex

04:14 – Her off-market deals strategies

07:13 – How many neighborhoods do she send her letters to

07:45 – What she does when she buys properties more than she can handle

08:18 – Is she sending different letters all the time or she does variation

10:37 – Getting creative with her letter presentation

11:30 – Other tips for continuous deal flow

12:50 – how does she raise capital

13:54 – Find out about the courses she offers

Key Takeaways:

“Building legalized suites from single-family home get me the profits that I’m looking for. I can force the appreciation, and I can do it in my own backyard.” – Susan White Livermore

As a single-family home, that would never cashflow you might get 1900 dollars plus utilities, whereas you’re looking at about 3200 for the duplex. If you add the third unit, you’re getting over 4,000. That fourth unit or the third unit could add a lot of value.” – Susan White Livermore

“When you’re doing off-market deals, you can think outside the box and offer more creativity to a seller that they wouldn’t even consider if they were just doing MLS.” – Susan White Livermore

“With off-market deals, it’s the letters that I get the most response. And that’s why I keep going after it. It’s working!” – Susan White Livermore

“I do joint venture partners, I do money partners, and I do mortgage qualifiers, It’s kind of whoever lands on my lap because the market is so hot, I’m getting inundated.” – Susan White Livermore

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