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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • The different strategies he dabbled in which brought him enormous cash flow and quickly replaced his teacher salary
  • What is syndication and how does it relates to investing in real estate
  • How to go about syndication and the legal process of doing it



Todd Dexheimer, CEO of Venture D Properties, LLC started investing in Real Estate in 2008 in single-family homes & small multi-family properties. Since 2008 he has purchased and renovated roughly 700 units.

Todd has completed over 150 flips, including a 20-unit mobile home park, a ski resort and a 15unit apartment complex, while using those profits to build his rental portfolio. Currently Todd owns approximately $25 million in real estate comprising of over 550 units located in 5 states, with a focus on syndicating value-add multi-family properties in emerging markets.

Today on the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Todd as he shares the strategies he used which allowed him to quit his teaching job in just two years.

Topics Covered:

01:43 – How he came to be involved in the real estate business

03:33 – How long did real estate business provide him security and finally leave his teaching job

03:55 – The real estate strategy he dabbled in at the start

05:38 – The average flips of houses he made at the start

06:40 – His transition from single-family homes to multi-family properties

10:15 – How to structure deals with investors in a fix and flip strategy

11:19 – How to find investor partners

13:14 – How did he convince his investors to get on with him for a long-term strategy

14:55 – What is syndication, how does it look like as far as properties and investors are concerned

17:12 – How to go about syndication and what is the legal process to do it

18:57 – How does he get to help other people get into real estate business

Key Takeaways:

“You’ve got to somehow create a track record, whether that’s through how I did it, working my way up, or whether that’s bringing in partners or whatever you’ve got to do with what, you’ve got to build a strong track record, that’s going to be vitally important in my opinion.” – Todd Dexheimer

“Somebody who’s trying to get into it, syndication, I think the biggest thing is you’ve just got to study. You’ve got to learn. It’s like anything, you’ve got to gain knowledge in it. Maybe you know how to do multi-family, but you’ve got to also know how to do syndication or you have to learn the language. You have to understand the rules and regulations. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to be the lawyer, but you have to know enough to understand what you’re doing.” – Todd Dexheimer

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