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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn about how the failure of Tom’s first real estate venture fueled him to solidify his real estate marketing strategy and lead generation tactics that now bring him the deals on a very consistent basis   
  • Find out how to creatively generate motivated seller leads 
  • Discover why, regardless of market size, real estate businesses can always thrive 


Back in 2001, Tom Zeeb was struggling financially. But a near-death experience while rafting pushed him to find a new way to break free of his 9-to-5 job. Real estate investing saved him. Both personally and financially. 

In this episode, Tom shares the investment strategy that has helped him thrive in real estate and the different multi-strategies he employs to bring him consistent real estate success. 

Topics Covered: 

01:22 – That unfortunate event that led to one thing and then leading him to real estate path 

04:23 – How that Robert Kiyosaki book jumpstarted his real estate career and that of his sister 

05:11 – Why his first real estate venture was a failure 

05:54 – What real estate investment strategy that got him pulled out from the failure of his first venture 

08:09 – His unique way of getting leads off the market 

09:07 – Why it is important to generate your own leads and not always rely on MLS 

12:24 – How does he generate motivated sellers 

Key Takeaways:

I always have a business no matter what the size of the market, whether you’re in a megalopolis or you’re in a small town because we deal with human beings and human beings always have problems and they’ll get problems that they can solve by selling their house.” – Tom Zeeb 

“You’ve got to get a marketing machine moving and marketing to people that don’t currently have the property listed. There’s something wrong in their life that’s why they’re motivated to sell. And solving that problem in their life is more important to them than anything else about the house, including the price.” – Tom Zeeb 

“Wholesale flips, I don’t even get down to buying it. I focus on because this is what got me out of trouble and I’ve stayed with it because I guess I’ve learned my lessons. I focus on marketing to find great deals. I focused on negotiating to turn those loop warm leads into red hot deals and then I pop them under contract and instead of doing any of the buy and hold or the buy and rehab and resell, I sell my contract.” – Tom Zeeb 

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