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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out how he finds very good deals even amidst the pandemic 
  • Learn how to do it quick and easy with his investment strategy — making money from one deal and moving on to the next one after another 
  • Find out one particular marketing strategy in finding motivated sellers that had given a good number of deals 


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Tom Zeeb is a best-selling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Entrepreneur, and Adventurer.  

In this episode, Tom shares an investment strategy that got him making money one deal after another and to which he is having an upcoming masterclass specifically on topics of marketing, negotiation, and getting paid. 

Topics Covered: 

00:39 – What his primary focus is in real estate 

01:20 – Where his markets are located and the average house price  

03:33 – How is he doing with his deals during the pandemic 

04:19 – What is wholesaling and how to do it 

06:00 – Addressing the issue of government states getting strict with wholesalers in terms of getting a license 

06:44 – Biggest advantages of a real estate entrepreneur focusing on wholesale 

08:05 – How to close deals even if there are big guys around 

08:53 – What marketing strategy for motivated sellers does he go by 

09:43 – How does long-days-on-market tie in with wholesaling deals 

13:49 – Talking about an upcoming masterclass called ‘Wholesaling: 60 Days to DONE’ and what particular topics to delve into

Key Takeaways: 

“I’m so happy as a wholesaler, because it’s quick, it’s easy. I have no long-term commitment. I’m in, I’m out; I make money and I move on. I get to do the parts of the business I love. I like marketing for deals. And I love negotiating deals.” – Tom Zeeb 

“I just keep digging for better deals and marketing, and spend more time on the rapport building in the negotiation. And then that makes me the logical choice for somebody not the big guy swooping in.” – Tom Zeeb 

“In the hot market, when everything sells in three days, if you have something that’s been sitting for 60, there’s a problem. And so, you can get in there and solve that problem for them. They want to sell, that’s why it’s listed. You don’t have that initial hurdle. They want to get rid of it, but they haven’t been able to. I’ve done really well with long-days-on-the-market.” – Tom Zeeb 

“High priced areas have been very good and I focused on all the areas because I don’t care about the price so much. I care about the value” -Tom Zeeb

“As a wholesaler, I don’t get stuck with anything. I colossally screwed up some of my numbers and got stuck with a property, I’m not stuck with it. I press the eject button in my contract and I get out scot-free.” -Tom Zeeb

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