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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • What is property management and what are the lucrative side businesses that can go with it
  • Find about what Tony’s “Doorpreneur” book is all about
  • Find out how to go about property management The Doorpreneur way




Tony LeBlanc is an entrepreneur who has started over 10 successful businesses. Growing up inside the property management industry watching his mother manage the building in which he was raised, he learned the business from the inside out.

He now manages one of the largest property management companies on Canada’s East Coast – a business he started from scratch. His extraordinary success proves that property management can be the foundation of a network of service brands that support the properties within the management portfolio. Tony’s experience and expertise are now helping many other property management professionals take their business to a whole new level.

In this episode of Property Profits Podcast, learn how Tony branched out of his original property management business and added on other complimentary businesses, some of which very quickly surpassed the revenue from his management company.

Topics Covered:

01:08 – His career background before real estate and what strategy is he focusing on

05:36 – What is property management and how to go about it

08:10 – The difference between typical property management and the Doorpreneur way of doing it

11:16 – The lucrative side business of getting into property management

14:01 –  Real estate sales as one of the business opportunities you can look out for

15:54 – What are the components of the property management business

17:51 – How to go about the whole strategy of property management and branching out to other opportunities

Key Takeaways:

“There’s gotta be scale involved. I think somewhere is probably around the 300 to 500 unit door count. It starts to make sense because without getting that type of traction you gotta get an X enough experience under your belt on the management side. And the whole foundation of this is the management company. Your management experience has to be second to none for your owners and for your tenants. Get that right first. Once you have the confidence level that you can now start branching out into other opportunities then you can do so.” – Tony LeBlanc

“And the biggest beauty about this, the whole thing, why it’s easy for us to spin off these companies is because we have the infrastructure. You can only get that infrastructure once you’re a certain size. We have a full-time CA on staff. I’ve got all my maintenance guys, my cleaning staff, my property managers, my resident managers. I have a team. I can reuse them for the different things that I want to be.” – Tony LeBlanc

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