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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Discover the essential details in investing in small towns
  • Know what to consider in buying community properties
  • Learn the tips in finding properties to pick up and move




Trevis McConaghy is a farmer near Melfort, Saskatchewan, and he comes from a long line of farmers, who had come to Canada from Ireland and Norway.

In high school, his parents backed him and his brothers when they bought their first farmland, started farming and grew it to about 10,000 acres, 3,000 of which he still owns. Trevis then got very involved in real estate investing and over the years he has developed a very solid foundation in residential real estate as well as in multi-family, commercial and industrial deals.

What makes Trevis’ journey different is that he focuses on very small real estate markets…’rural’ by most big city standards…and he’s done exceptionally well with it!

In this episode, get to know Trevis and discover how he’s done so well by investing in small towns. He will detail the ins and outs in this type of deals, reveal the essential tips in buying properties in small communities, and he’ll even give you insights on how to move a house and make it profitable.

Topics Covered:

01:20 – Trevis tells that his real estate investments are in small towns in Saskatchewan 

02:09 – Populations of the small towns he invests

02:49 – What got him to start investing in real estate

03:48 – His main focus in real estate

04:26 – The size and unit he is looking to invest at

05:27 – Considerations in buying community properties

09:20 – Different things he would change if he will restart from scratch 

10:40 – Narrating a fun story about moving a house and creating revenue out of thin air

12:02 – Circumstances in finding properties that Trevis is going to pick up and move

15:34 – Recommendations on scouting properties out of town, logistics, and property management

17:11 – Tips on figuring out if a small town is good to invest in or not if you don’t have prior knowledge

18:37 – Ways to get to contact Trevis

Key Takeaways:

“I took an entrepreneurship course, and it was that education would propel me ahead. So absolutely, find somebody that knows what they’re doing.  Find some group that you can be aligned with and then find some people locally doing like you’re doing if you can. Absolutely key. Because if you don’t, you don’t know what you don’t know. You got to find people that you can work with, and then take action.” – Trevis McConaghy

“Most people, they sit in the sidelines, and they were like, “When’s the best time to buy?”  Well, it was yesterday. So, jump in and find somebody. Take that leap of faith and find somebody to help you if you don’t know what you’re doing.” – Trevis McConaghy

“If you want to get in, take action.  Align yourself with the right people, and you can make amazing things happen.” – Trevis McConaghy

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