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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Which real estate investing types Trevor has used to earn superior cashflow
  • The five things that are holding anyone back from climbing higher up their real estate ladder
  • Understanding the productivity pyramid and getting the clearest picture of where you should focus most of your time to truly build your real estate empire




Trevor McGregor is a very experienced real estate investor who has created a multi-million dollar portfolio across numerous locations and using different strategies. Trevor is also a Master Platinum coach with over 20,000 coaching calls to date. He worked very closely with Tony Robbins for over half a decade.

In this episode of Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Trevor shares the 5 things that prevent newbie investors in the real estate world from pulling the trigger and getting going. With most of us having poor time management, this is an opportune time to listen to his discussion about understanding the productivity pyramid and the tremendous help it provides us about where to focus most of our time and effort to achieve the highest value.

Topics Covered:

00:44 – How he got started in real estate and the type of real estate he was and  is into

03:19 – What made him start a coaching career in real estate

06:46 – Our limiting beliefs

08:21 – The lack of a strategic plan

09:49 – That shiny object syndrome and  how to get started

10:49 – Lack of pillar of support

11:48 – What is there with poor time management

13:59 – Understanding the productivity pyramid

18:28 – Taking massive action

Key Takeaways:

“We all have great ideas, great aspirations, but we get stuck between that three-pound mass between our ears, called the brain that holds us back from going out there and doing what we want to do.” – Trevor McGregor 

“Get crystal clear on what you want, why you want it now, what cities, what markets, what neighborhoods, what your potential spend is, how much you want to put into rehab property, do some cap ex work and then ultimately decide, are you going to flip it or are you going to hold it and rent it? – Trevor McGregor

“Get clear on what your strengths are. Maybe find people that support some of the weaknesses or the opportunities to improve, as I call them. And from that place, go out there and create that plan to make it a reality.” – Trevor McGregor 

“We need to literally establish what we call the professional pillars that can help you go further faster. Because if you’re trying to do every single one of those things on your own, you’re fooling yourself.” – Trevor McGregor

“Do you really know where your time is going, what you’re doing with that time, what you should be doing with that time versus maybe outsourcing some of it. You know, if you’re not really good with some of that stuff, maybe you’d get a VA and you’ve got a personal assistant.” – Trevor McGregor

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