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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn what a BHIR strategy is and how to fully leverage it 
  • Learn how to buy turn-key properties, increase the value and sell them for higher returns 
  • Learn how to find capital for your deals without digging into your own pocket



Tyler Soulliere is the President and Founder of TySoull Investor, which invests in Real Estate in the Windsor and Essex County Area in Ontario, Canada. They specialize in developing properties in Windsor, and Tyler is the CKO of TySoull Educator, a company that teaches others how to invest in real estate. 

In this episode, Tyler shares his real estate strategy that provides cash flow throughout the years; How to increase the value of your property over time and sell it for higher profits.

Topics Covered: 

01:10 – How he started out in real estate and what his main focus at this time 

03:31 – How he focuses on being a realtor and real estate investor-entrepreneur 

04:10 – What properties are giving him the cash flow these days 

06:10 – The highs and lows of flipping properties 

08:29 – What is a BHIR method strategy he’s focusing into now 

12:14 – On being named the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine investor of the year a few years ago 

14:59 – How he gets capital for his deals 

Key Takeaways: 

“As I kept flipping a couple of properties here and there, I started looking at the bigger picture, why always depend on a big payday when I could just slowly get out of the solid real estate to then have passive income from rental properties.”  – Tyler Soulliere 

“If you keep flipping properties, it’s not really a passive income, it’s always active.”  – Tyler Soulliere 

“If I can increase the income, I can increase the value and that’s kind of my strategy. I actually called it the BHIR method, the Buy, Hold, Improve, and Refinance method.”  – Tyler Soulliere 

“Because I found renovating any properties expensive, contractor. trades, labor materials are all getting more costly. So, then I look for this kind of almost hidden gems that I don’t need to do any work, they’re turnkey when I buy them.”  – Tyler Soulliere 

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